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7 Products to Use All Summer Long

1. Hydrating shampoo and conditioner! This is something I would recommend any time of the year, but it’s a definite must during the summer. Summer can be a very drying time, and it’s important to maintain the moisture in your hair. This is great for the health of your hair, and helps with the manageability of your style.

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2. Deep Conditioning Mask

Sometimes your daily conditioner isn’t enough during the summer months. Treat yourself to an extra mask as needed! Again, I recommend something hydrating. If you’re not sure how often is necessary, listen to your hair. Some people may use it once per week, others may choose to use it once per month --it’s all about what your hair needs.

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3. Dry Shampoo

If you’re anything like me, this is the time of year when you start to feel and look a little… Melty. Keep a little travel size dry shampoo in your purse so you can perk up your hair a bit before your happy hour plans.

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4. Curling Mousse or Foam

This is one of my go-to products when I want to accentuate my natural wave. I do a thorough towel dry, and then give a little scrunch. It gives a nice airy look, and if I want a more firm hold, I can always cocktail it with a curling cream.

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5. Salt Spray

Everybody loves a good “beach wave” hairstyle, but do you know where that style came from? It came from the beach; where there’s salt water! Unfortunately, not all of us can wake up every morning and jump in the ocean. To achieve natural beach waves after your morning shower, start by thoroughly towel drying your hair. Then spray in some salt spray, and just give a little scrunch. A great hair-cocktail is to scrunch in a little curling moose, or foam, after you spray your mane with your favorite salt spray.

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6. Detangle Spray

This is another product you should use year round, and it’s definitely one I keep in my beach bag. Nothing ruins your hair more than ripping through your tangles without any lubrication. So when you’re done with your afternoon swim, make sure you spray a detangler throughout your ends before you grab your brush or comb.

Brands I Like for a Product Like This: It’s a 10, Eleven by Australia, Amika, Redken, and Flow Bonus Tip: For additional preservation of the integrity of your hair, use a Wet Brush Pro Detangler Brush.

7. Oil

I can’t say enough how drying summertime is on the hair and skin. If your deep conditioning mask isn’t enough, oil treatments will do the trick! An Oil treatment can penetrate deeper into the hair (more so than most masks).

There’s also multiple ways to use oil for your styling process.

  • At night as a treatment to be rinsed out in the morning before you style

  • Before blow drying to speed up drying time

  • Cocktailed with your other styling aids to assist with any anti-frizz goals

  • As a finishing product create a smooth/polished look

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I hope you enjoyed this article!

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—Megan Christine


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