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My First Book Reviews

The Beauty Industry Survival Guide: A Salon Professional's Handbook

Author: Tina Alberino


This book is great for anyone at any level in the Cosmetology industry. It makes a lots of great points while also entertaining you! This book actually starts in the pre-school phase of your career, giving you great things to think about when choosing a school. It then moves on to your time in school, choosing your path during your first few years as a stylist, and then major milestones that you may hit as a senior stylist.

It's a great read! It's very insightful, and entertaining. I started reading this book during my last months of school, continued throughout my first months of working in the salon, and even went back to revisit a few things after my first year. Plus, there is a whole section that was nice to revisit during tax season.

Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

Author: Aliza Licht


I highly recommend this book for anyone in any industry. Aliza’s story revolves around the fashion industry, and some scenarios I was able to relate to the Cosmetology industry, but the business points can be helpful for various fields. I loved how the chapters bounced back and forth between a biopic story, and career coaching how-to’s. Think, Devil Wears Prada meets Business 101. It’ll light a fire in your drive and professionalism, give you great applying/hiring tips, and definitely make you laugh! I loved it, and I could definitely see myself returning to this book for help in the future.

Self-Care for Hairdressers:: How to Prevent Stress and Burnout and Step Into the Professional You Were Meant To Be (Best Practices for Hairdressers) (Volume 1)

Author: Rebecca Beardsley


I'm so angry I spent money on this. First, it’s paper thin. I know it’s my fault that I didn’t look at the description, but I guess I didn’t expect a 42 page “book.” That seems more like the size of a magazine to me. On top of that, a huge portion of those pages are intros, dedications, and info about the author. Moving on to the context... I found only 3 of the pages remotely enjoyable to read, but they were hardly useful. They presented questions, but no answers. The book kept explaining why it was a good idea to deal with stress, but never gave tips on how. The last page explained why the book was total crap —it was leading to a website and blog! I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, so I went to website. I then discovered that you had to sign up with your email in order to get the tips that she had been leading to, and the email list has been deactivated! Such a waste.

I hope you enjoyed these reviews!

Keep a look out for future reviews or check out for immediate access to all pieces of writing and more!

--Megan Christine

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