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September 2017 Announcements

Hello my darlings! Here’s a list of a few announcements I have for all of you. Have a fabulous September!

  • I’m very excited to announce that in the next month, I will be attending two courses through the Matrix Craft Academy! One course will be Progressive Balayage, and the other will be Haircutting by Design. Through these courses, I will gain more knowledge in technique, formulation, and current hair-trends. I can’t wait to bring all of this back to the salon! Starting November 1st, 2017  I will have an updated salon menu and price listing. Don’t worry, these will be small changes! There will be a $5 increase for Haircuts, and a $15 increase for Coloring Services. DO NOT hesitate to ask questions about these changes!

  • Coming soon! will also be the home of a written blog. Topics will cover the latest trends, hair health, product recommendations, the day to day life of a Cosmetologist, salon sanitation scares, things to avoid, interviews with others in the industry, and more! 

  • Salon goers, keep a look out this autumn for my Fabulous Fall Treatment Package! Arriving soon, and only lasting until winter!

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