November Announcements

Hello my darlings! Here are my announcements for the month. Have a wonderful November!


Just a little reminder… Part of September’s Announcement was that I would be taking two courses of extending education, after which I would increase my prices as of November 1st. My salon menu has now been updated, so head over there to familiarize yourself with it! Details on that increase are still available on the September 2017 Announcements page, and like I said before, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


Another addition to the menu is the start of my Fabulous Fall Package. As a way for us to savor the last month of Fall, I’ve created a treatment package for you all to enjoy! Navigate through the menu above to the Fabulous Fall Package tab, and all of the details are there.


Last thing on my list could be one of the most exciting! I love being able to refer the best products for your haircare routine. While we sell some great products in the salon, there are a few things I’d like to recommend that we don’t offer. So now I have a way to tell you my favorite brands, products, and tools, and for you to purchase them anytime at your convenience! We all love online shopping, and at you can get all of the salon brand products and tools at a great cost, and have it shipped right to your door! Just use my Referral Code (8811901336), and you can view my “favorites” list, request an individual shopping list (which I will personally create based off of your hair and needs), or just explore the store to find whatever is appealing to you!
So just remember: Referral Code 8811901336